We are renewable energy consultant professionals, with over 10 years of experience in all aspects of electrical connections of renewable energy projects, from the initial design to final grid connection. We provide connection feasibility studies,  electrical design and Grid Code compliance, connection applications and contract review, operational charges assessment, technical and financial due diligence, and bespoke services to fit your needs.

Whether it is an onshore or offshore wind farm, a solar energy project, a battery storage site, or a small hydro scheme, we can assist with the electrical connection, and offer the appropriate solution at high quality, and competitive cost.

2023 has been the year of the Battery Storage. We worked with

Battery Storage
200 MW
Combined wind, solar, battery
100 MW
Wind Power
50 MW
We offer the following as core services of our business, but we would be happy to
discuss all your needs and come up with a suitable solution.

Feasibility Study

To determine the best grid connection option(s) for a generation project, at distribution or transmission level, and the associated works, costs and timelines.

Grid connection

We can assist with the grid connection process of your renewable generation project, from the application to the connection offer review and negotiation.

Electrical Design

We can provide preliminary electrical design, to inform the main parameters of the connection, based on best engineering practices and costs.

Technical Due Diligence

We can provide an independent and unbiased due diligence review of all aspects of the grid connection agreements and design for the acquisition of projects.

Power System Studies

We have experience in using DigSilent Powerfactory to perform a wide range of power system analysis studies, including Code Compliance .

Owner's engineer

We can act as owner's engineer to provide support during all phases of the project, design, construction, or commissioning.


We can assist you with the electrical design and grid connection of all types of renewable energy technology:

Onshore Wind

Onshore Wind is the most mature and cost effective of the renewable technologies.
The sizes vary from a few MWs for a connection at 11kV distribution, to hundreds of MWs connecting at 400kV.

Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind is increasing its share in the renewables mix, with steadily falling costs and increasing installed capacity. It requires significant levels of new grid infrastructure to connect onshore.


Battery storage, either standalone or collocated with renewable generation, plays a significant role in helping with the balancing of the system, and provision of fast services like frequency response.

Solar PV

Solar PV has seen a rapid increase in installed capacity lately, and has moved from small roof-top installations connecting at LV, to large 350MW solar farms connecting at 400kV.


Hydro power has seen a significant shift from the large hydro plants and pumped storage of the past, to smaller hydro projects providing peaking, balancing and other grid services.

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