We have advanced training and experience in using DigSilent Powerfactory to perform a wide range of power system analysis studies regarding the electrical connection of renewable generation to the grid, to ensure correct and safe operation, within statutory limits, and in compliance with relevant codes and regulations, specifying equipment rating and settings, and identifying any issues and proposing solutions.

Specifically, we can provide the following:

  • Load flow studies

    To assess the power flows, currents and voltages in all the parts of the system, and determine that they are within voltage limits and equipment ratings.

  • Reactive capability studies

    To determine the reactive power capability at the point of connection, and ensure compliance with the Grid Code requirements.

  • Fault analysis

    To assess the short circuit currents flowing in all equipment, ensure adequate equipment withstand, and determine the fault contribution to the grid.

  • Harmonics distortion analysis

    To assess the harmonic voltage distortion, and identify any issues it might cause to the equipment or the grid, suggesting suitable mitigation measures.