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We can help with all the grid connection aspects for your renewable generation project, whether it’s a small kW generator (G98 connection), a medium sized connection to the distribution grid (G99 connection), or a large project connecting to transmission (BCA application) or offshore (OFTO). We can offer valuable assistance in all stages of the connection process, and dealings with the grid companies:

  • Connection point

    Assessment of the most technically feasible connection point (through a feasibility study - see relevant section).

  • Pre-connection call

    the pre-connection discussions with the grid company (either a DNO or National Grid ESO), to confirm the feasibility of the connection.

  • Connection application

    Prepare and issue a competent connection application (whether to a DNO or National Grid ESO), including all technical forms and single line diagram.

  • Post-connection assistance

    Handle any issues post application with the grid company, until a connection offer is issued.

  • Connection offer review

    Review the connection agreement offer to ensure it is as requested, with no undue issues, and assess the suitability of the proposed works, costs and timescales, entering into negotiations with the DNO/ESO to discuss, clarify and resolve any issues.