A grid connection feasibility study can determine the best grid connection option(s) for a generation project, which depending on the size and location can be at distribution or transmission level. We can provide a full feasibility study for any renewable generation project, that will conclude the most suitable option(s) for the connection, the expected connection works and potential grid reinforcements, an estimate of the connection costs and charges, and indicative timescales for the provision of the connection, while also identifying any risks and opportunities.   

  • Connection point (s)

    Depending on the installed capacity, which will determine the most suitable connection voltage, and the proximity of the electricity grid, either distribution of transmission network.

  • Connection Works

    Including the actual works required to achieve a physical connection to the identified connection point, any grid reinforcements that might be needed or are under way, and any additional works that the generator needs to provide.

  • Costs and charges

    These are the costs for the above works, the charges and fees by the DNO or National Grid, the liabilities for the reinforcement works, and any post-connection grid operational charges.

  • Indicative timescales

    When the connection will be available, taking into account any planning applications and consents for works, the construction of the works and the completion of any required reinforcements.

  • Risks and opportunities

    Identify any opportunities to accelerate connection or reduce costs, via flexible or shared connections, and risks from competing projects or technical issues.